Troubleshooting Team Foundation Server

Often time we may run into problems displaying our Team Foundation Portal. There may be many different reasons as to why web portal will not render on the browser, but the more probable cause is in IIS. So, first thing to do then Portal hangs is to restart IIS with the help of the command line tool called IISReset.exe. In case this IIS restart does not help we need to check several settings within our environment.

  • Check if IIS is running by examining Services and finding IIS Admin Services. If it is stopped, you need to start it manually.
  • Check IIS Application pool that is being utilized by the portal. In order to do that you need to expand IIS Admin panel and check for it.
  • Check Project Portal URL for accuracy. Sometimes we may mistype URL or our computer name could have been changed.
  • Make sure any user accounts you are trying to use with the TFS Portal is added to WSS.

The other most occurred issue involves emails. Team Project allows us to set up automatic email notifications that are being fired upon certain conditions such as checkin or checkout procedures. Often times emails fail to arrive and two primary reasons are:

  • SMTP Server is not configured properly.
  • Email address incorrectly entered into the admin panel.

In addition, we should always consults Application Log Entries if we trying to troubleshoot our Team Foundation Server. There are three main components that write Log Entries into Application Log File:

  • ASP.NET Web Services
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Windows SharePoint Server

Often times we run into error number 401.2 which is security related error. We get this error in this format: HTTP Error 401.2 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to server configuration. The most probable cause of this error is wrong user id or password. This error is returned from IIS. In other word incorrect user credentials caused this error to occur.

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