tf Command - Line Utility Tool in TFS

tf Command line utility provide many useful operations that we can perform with Team Foundation Server. Here is a list and commands purpose.

tf add – adds news folder and file from file system to TFS Source Control. Need to do check-in before these file can be visible.
tf add itemspec [/lock:none|checkin|checkout] [/type:filetype] [/noprompt] [/recursive]

tf branch - copies an item/s from one location to another inside TFS Source Control. Need to do check-in before these file can be visible.
tf branch olditem newitem [/version:versionspec] [/noget] [/lock] [/noprompt]

tf branches - displays the history of a branch which can be a file or a folder.
tf branches [/server:servername] itemspec [/version]

tf changeset – displays info about changesets such as comments, notes and etc…
tf changeset [/comment:comment|@commentfile] [/server:servername] [/notes:(“NoteFieldName”=”NoteFieldValue”|@notefile)] [/noprompt] [changesetnumber | /latest]

tf checkin – checks in pending changes to the TFS Source Control.
tf checkin [/author:author name] [/comment:("comment"|@comment file)] [/noprompt] [/notes:(“Note Name”=”note text”|@notefile)] [/override:reasonfile|@reason] [/recursive] [/saved] [/validate] [filespec]

tf checkout – checks out local files for edit.
tf checkout [/lock:(none|checkin|checkout)] [/recursive] [/type:encoding] itemspec

tf configure – updates Source Control Settings with modified Check-out settings; Check-in policies; Check-in notes
tf configure [path of team project] /server:servername

tf delete - removes files and folders from TFS
tf delete [/lock:(none|checkin|checkout)] [/recursive] itemspec

tf diff - displays differences between two files or a shelveset
tf diff[erence] itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/type:filetype] [/format:format [/ignorespace] [/ignoreeol] [/ignorecase] [/recursive] [/options]
tf diff[erence] itemspec itemspec2 [/type:filetype] [/format: format] [/ignorespace] [/ignoreeol] [/ignorecase] [/recursive] [/options]
tf diff[erence] [/shelveset:shelvesetname[;shelvesetowner]] shelveset_itemspec [/server: servername] [/type:filetype] [/format: format] [/ignorespace] [/ignoreeol] [/ignorecase] [/recursive] [/options]
tf diff[erence] /configure

tf dir - presents the contents of the TFS Source Control server
tf dir [/server:servername] itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/recursive] [/folders] [/deleted]

tf get – gets a read-only copy of a file from the TFS to the workspace and creates folders with the file on the disk.
tf get itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/all] [/overwrite] [/force] [/preview] [/recursive] [/noprompt]

tf help - shows help topics about TFS command.
tf help commandname

tf history - shows history of revisions for file/s and folders.
tf history [/server:servername] itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/stopafter:number] [/recursive] [/user:username] [/format:(brief|detailed)] [/slotmode] [/noprompt]

tf label – creates or removes a label from a version of a file or folder
tf label [/server:servername] labelname[@scope] [/owner:ownername] itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/comment:("comment"|@commentfile)] [/child:(replace|merge)] [/recursive]
tf label [/server:servername] /delete labelname[@scope] [/owner:ownername] itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/recursive]

tf labels – shows labels in the TFS
tf labels [/owner:ownername] [/format:(brief|detailed)] [/server:servername] [labelname]

tf lock - locks or unlocks a file or folder
tf lock itemspec /lock:(none|checkout|checkin) [/workspace:workspacename] [/server:servername] [/recursive]

tf merge - applies changes from one branch into another
tf merge [/recursive] [/force] [/candidate] [/discard] [/version:versionspec] [/lock:none|checkin|checkout] [/preview] [/baseless] [/nosummary] source destination

tf merges - shows detailed information about past merges between branches
tf merges [/server:servername] [source] destination [/recursive]

tf properties - presents info about items under TFS Source Control
tf properties [/server:servername] [/recursive] itemspec [/version:versionspec] [/workspace]

tf rename - renames files or folder paths. Also used to move files or folders.
tf rename [/lock:(none|checkout|checkin)] olditem newitem

tf resolve - resolves conflicts between changed items
tf resolve [itemspec] [/auto:(AcceptMerge|AcceptTheirs|AcceptYours|OverwriteLocal|DeleteConflict|AcceptYoursRenameTheirs)] [/preview] [(/overridetype:overridetype | /converttotype:converttype)] [/recursive] [/newname:path]

tf shelve – stores or deletes pending changes with check-in notes, a comment, and work items.
tf shelve [/replace] [/comment:(@commentfile|"comment")] [shelvesetname[;owner] [/validate]
tf shelve [/move] [/replace] [/comment:(@commentfile|"comment")] [/recursive] shelvesetname[;owner] filespec [/validate]
tf shelve /delete [/server:servername] shelvesetname[;owner] [/validate]

tf shelvsets - shows info about a set of shelved changes inside TFS Source Control
tf shelvesets [/owner:ownername] [/format:(brief|detailed)] [/server:servername] shelvesetname

tf status - shows info about pending changes to items
tf status itemspec [/server:servername] ([/workspace:workspacename[;workspaceowner]] | [/shelveset:shelvesetname[;shelvesetowner]]) [/format:(brief|detailed)] [/recursive] [/user:(*|username)]

tf undelete – restores deleted items
tf undelete [/noget] [/lock:(none|checkin|checkout)] [/newname:name] [/recursive] itemspec[;deletionID]

tf undo - removes pending changes from a TFS workspace
tf undo [/workspace:workspacename[;workspaceowner]] [/server:servername] [/recursive] itemspec [/noprompt]

tf unlabel - removes an item from an existing label
tf unlabel [/server:servername] [/recursive] labelname itemspec

tf unshelve - restores shelved file revisions, check-in notes, comments, and work items.
tf unshelve [/move] [shelvesetname[;username]] itemspec [/recursive] [/noprompt]

tf view - retrieves a specific version of a file to a disk
tf view [/server:servername] [/console] [/recursive] [/shelveset:shelvesetname[;owner]] [/noprompt] itemspec [/version:versionspec]

tf workfold - creates, updates, or displays info about the mappings between your workspace and TFS Source Control
tf workfold localfolder
tf workfold [/workspace: workspacename]
tf workfold [/server:servername] [/workspace: workspacename] serverfolder
tf workfold [/map serverfolder localfolder] [/server:servername] [/workspace: workspacename] (serverfolder|localfolder)
tf workfold /unmap [/server:servername] [/workspace: workspacename] [/recursive] (serverfolder|localfolder)
tf workfold /cloak (Team Foundation source control serverfolder|localfolder) [/workspace: workspacename] [/s:servername]
tf workfold /decloak (serverfolder|localfolder) [/workspace: workspacename] [/s:servername]

tf workspace - creates, modifies and views properties and mappings
tf workspace /new [/noprompt] [/template:workspacename[;workspaceowner]] [/computer:computername] [/comment:(“comment”|@comment file)] [/s:servername] [workspacename[;workspaceowner]]
tf workspace /delete [/server:servername] workspacename[;workspaceowner]
tf workspace [/server:servername] [/comment:comment] [/newname:workspacename] [workspacename[;workspaceowner]]

tf workspaces - displays info about workspaces in the system
tf workspaces [/owner:ownername] [/computer:computername] [/server:servername] [/format:(brief|detailed)] [/updateUserName:oldUserName] [/updateComputerName:oldComputerName] workspacename
tf workspaces /remove:(*|workspace1[,workspace2,...]) /server:(*|server)

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