SQL Server Agent Jobs in Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server installs several SQL Server Agent Jobs that allow it to perform certain tasks on the database. In order to see this list of task open SQL Server 2005 Studio and look under SQL Server Agent and Jobs folder.

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SQLServer Agent

Pleas note that each Job Agent corresponds to a database name it is created to optimize. Also, these job agents index and optimize SQL database most of the time.

TfsActivityLogging Administration – optimizes TFS by removing old entries from the command log file. Prunes Microsoft Team Foundation Command Logs.
Executes: prc_PruneCommands @maxAgeDays = 7

TfsIntegration Maintenance – indexes and optimizes TFS and can be run weekly. Microsoft Team Foundation Database Maintenance.
Executes: Prc_OptimizeTfsDatabases

TfsVersionControl Administration – optimizes TFS databases via indexing. It also removes unused workspaces and work items. Performs maintenance on the Microsoft Team Foundation Version Control database.
Exectues: prc_DeleteUnusedWorkspaces, prc_DeleteUnusedContent, prc_DeleteUnusedLobParameters

TfsWorkItemTracking Full Text Crawl – creates full text index for Work Items. Does incremental full-text population for TFSWorkItemTracking.WorkItemLongTexts.

TfsWorkItemTracking Process Identities – used to determine if permission synchronization for TFS Work Items is happening. Process Identities.
Executes: EXEC dbo.ProcessIdentities

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