Use of TFS tf Label Command for the Project Source Files Labeling

A Label can be attached to a set of files/folder in the TFS which in turn can simplify retrieval of the source code for a build process or further development. Labeling is very handy during any of the following commands

  • Branch Command
  • Difference Command
  • Dir Command
  • Get Command
  • History Command
  • Merge Command
  • View Command

There are no specific rules on how to call a label, but more often you will indicate a release number or milestone. For instance, “Beta1” would be a good choice for the code being checked into the Source Safe for the “Beta 1” Release.

It is important to know that Label is non-recursive and if applied to a folder, it does not necessary means that everything under this folder is labeled the same way.
tf label MyBuild MyProject1 /recursive

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