Team Foundation Proxy Server

If we are developing one application from many offices around the world at the same time, it’s the best to use Team Foundation Proxy Server. It is advisable to spread application data among main office and remote offices.

In order to install Proxy Server we should belong to “Administrator” group on the target machine as well as on Application Tier and Data Tier servers. We also need to be part of “Team Foundation Administrators” group. Before we proceed with the installation of the Team Foundation Proxy Server we need to complete following steps:

  • Install Windows Server 2003 with SP1
  • Add DOMAIN\TFSSETUP, DOMAIN\TFSSERVICE and DOMAIN\TFSREPORTS user accounts to the local “Administrators” group
  • Install IIS 6.0 on the server and enable ASP.NET within IIS 6.0 administration panel in order to run ASP.NET capable applications
  • Install .NET Framework 2.0 hotfix – this fix allows to manage large files more efficiently
  • Install Team Foundation Server on the same or different server
  • Install Team Foundation Proxy Server by logging into dedicated server using TFSSETUP user account and installing server by clicking on setup.exe file within \atp folder. Once setup.exe clicked, you will be presented with the “Team Foundation Proxy Server Wizard” that takes you through a series of steps

Please note, Team Foundation Proxy Server does not require SQL Server or Windows SharePoint Services, but it’s advisable to complete installation of both components before installing Proxy Server.

After installation is complete we can examine cache for Team Foundation Server Proxy using perfom.exe.

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