TFS Permission Command and ACL

If we want to examine who has access to what inside TFS will use tf permission command line tool. This tool allows us to display a list of permissions attached to a file, a group of files or any other object that requires access to be set. This settings are usually set under Source Control.

There are several reasons you may use permission command within TFS.

  1. Display information about users who are granted permission to TFS objects.
  2. Manage authorization setting for the TFS control server objects.

Here are several example of this command you can use to gain access to access control lists.

Displays Access Control List for file called myFile.cs
C:\>tf permission myFile.cs

Displays Access Control List information related to group DBDevelopers for MyTeamServer TFS.
C:\>tf permission /group:DBDevelopers /server:MyTeamServer

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