Making Default Process Template to Team Foundation Server Guidelines

There are several conditions that must be met in order to successfully upload Process Template to TFS. Here is a brief list of the most important guidelines for uploading.

  1. Process template must not exceed 2 Gb in size. Template more than 2 Gb will generate and error during upload process.
  2. Ensure that process template path was correctly specified. Also, ensure that you have access rights to that folder. If both conditions fail, you will get failure error message while uploading process template to Team Foundation Server.
  3. Ensure that no exe files are part of your process template. Exe files may cause an error during process template upload or when you start using the project.
  4. Following Items are illegal inside WarehouseSchema.xml file characters
    : . , ; ' ` : / \ * | ? " & % $ ! + = ( ) [ ] { } < >

If all of the above conditions have been met, you will nor have problems with the upload process template to Team Foundation Server.

We may want to make recently uploaded Process Template our default Template. On order to do that we need to click the “Make Default” button in the Process Template Manager with Process Template being selected.

Team Foundation Administrators group member can make template as default, so ensure that you belong to this group before setting template to a default template.

There will be a situation when we’ll need to remove Process Template because it is outdated and we don’t want users creating projects of this template by mistake. The best way to prevent this from happening is to Delete Process Template from the TFS. We can do that by selecting desired Process Template from the list of templates in the Process Template Manager and pressing Delete button on the Process Template Manager. Once Delete Button is clicked, you will get a confirmation window where you need to click on “Yes” button.

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